What is life & wellness coaching?

There are many types of coaches. Some specialize in leadership, athletic performance, relationships…there are many. I chose life & wellness coaching as a holistic approach to help others achieve happiness & success through a balanced & healthy lifestyle. Whether we are tackling professional, personal, spiritual, or heath goals, I help you to create your best self & your best health


Many of us tend to focus more heavily on one or two areas of our life, neglecting other parts of ourselves until we are out of balance. That’s when things start to fall apart. We get our car tires balanced to avoid damage that happens if left unchecked, but we rarely give ourselves the same attention, for the same reason. 


My approach to holistic coaching starts with strengthening your core health (mind, body & spirit) as a systemic path toward success in all areas of your life. Together, we work to create your best self & your best health, because you can’t have one without the other. That looks different for everyone. We start creating your best “you” from wherever you are now. Because now is the best time to begin. 


Coaching is not...
Coaching is…

As a holistic life coach, I am not a medical practitioner. I do not give medical advice. I provide information & resources & encourage you to make informed decisions that serve you best. That includes seeking medical advice from your doctor, nurse, or certified dietician. It also includes seeking mental health support from a licensed counselor, psychiatrist, or psychologist as needed. 

Coaching is focused on creating the future. Together, we recognize and celebrate achievements & identify opportunities for progress. It’s a process of creating and modifying actions & behaviors and lifestyle choices to achieve desired outcomes. In addition to achieving “big goals,” holistic coaching clients often feel better as their overall wellbeing improves as a result of their work with a holistic life coach.

Who works with a life & wellness coach?

Anyone seeking a balance of mind, body, and spirit can benefit from working with a holistic life coach. If you want to feel like you’re excelling in all areas of your life, grounded in a healthier lifestyle, then a holistic life coach may be a great fit. But if your sole focus is to improve your triathlon time, you’re better off with a coach that specializes in creating peak physical performance. 


Our potential is unlimited. That’s why there’s no “finish line” when it comes to personal growth. So whether you combine holistic coaching & athletic or executive leadership coaching, or work with one & then another, it’s your choice. Coaching is a powerful tool that provides insight, accountability, inspiration, information, & encourages you to step out of your comfort zone & into your best self.